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T-Shirts are a  must in anyone’s closet. They are some of the most easier things to style. It gives you a very low key vibe or you can also dress them up while staying comfortable. This also cuts the time short as you do not have to decide on what to wear. If you are looking for more style inspiration for your basic tees we have some of the best advice for you.

Style it with a tracksuit

What to give your self the basic athleisure wear glam.  Just style your basic tee with a track suit and wear a heel to give you a very chic look. This also emphasizes the features of your neck and wear a big statement earring for more glam.

Style it with a blazer and cutoffs

Want to go casual and cool at the same time. Style your basic tee with a blazer and short cutoffs. This whole ensemble can turn heads. You can easily wear a beautiful heel to tie the whole look together.

Style it with a matching set

If you want to spice up your wardrobe, go for wearing your matching blazer and pant set with a soft tee. This is one style that anyone can pull off. It only takes minutes to get ready with this. You can accessorize it with a white sneaker and make sure that the jewellery does not take away from the look.

Style it with a pleated skirt and Mules

This cute way of dressing up with a Tee can make you feel comfortable as well as make you feel luxurious. This is a cute way of amping up your pleated skirt to look chick. Accessorize with bold earrings and you are set to go.

Style it with cool outerwear and Heels

Want to make a chic ensemble. Style your tee with a striking jacket and a simple skinny jeans. Add on sleek black pumps to the mix and you have a sophisticated but eye catch look at the same time.  This can make you look the star of the show without being flashy. You can make the who look seem effortless with this simple trick.

Style it with a Bustier

Want to be different from the rest. Add drama to your simple tea by wearing a bustier which can bring the whole concept of the white tee and blue jeans to the next level. Add a pop of colour which can give the shirt the extra interest of wearing the bustier with style. This look can easily take a turn for the worse and make sure that the pop of colour stays with the purse or the shoes.



There comes a time in every girl’s life where formal dress is absolutely necessary. Dressing up for a formal event can be fun but finding the right dress is not. It can be extremely difficult for anyone to find the right dress for you. If you have an upcoming event and are finding yourself a good attire there are some tips that can help keep you on a budget.


Create a Budget

One thing that you need to know is formal dresses are available at all prices. Even before you go ahead with the shopping process make sure that you have a budget. Creating a budget for yourself can allow you to prevent spending a lot of money as well as narrow you choices down.

Find the right online shop

There are many dresses available online but finding the right online shop makes all the different. You do not want the dress to arrive and the dress does not match your expectations at all. Online shopping from a known brand can eliminate the risk of receiving the wrong dress.

Pick a colour

You can also shop for dress much easier due to the fact that you have narrowed down the colour to one. This gives you a small range of clothes to work on. This also significantly reduces the whole process of getting a dress more quicker.

Consider the event

Formal events can be a different and you need to be successful at understanding the nature of the event before you start to look for the dress. Learn if there will be dancing, determine the length of the dress, get to know if there is a dress code.

Choose the style

There are many type of formal dress styles. It is up to you to understand the right kind of style before you go shop. Learn about yourself, look if you prefer tighter clothes or loose clothes. Go for simple design which can be easy to handle. Also look into the aspects of length, fit, fabric, etc.

Fit your frame

This is very important to consider the fact that the dress you are about to by have the right vibe for your body. A good rule of thumb is to choose a dress which is slightly tight which hugs the figure well. This helps to reduce the appearance of the shapelessness makes the body stand out.

Accessorize your look

Now that you have the perfect formal dress to wear. It is up to your accessorize it well. Try to buy shoes which complements the dress well. Include earrings and neck laces into the mix. Plan your outfit according to the special event which can make the whole look easy.


It is easy to fall into the trap of wearing the same things again and again. You do not want your style to become stagnant. There are many ways you can easily amp up your wardrobe which can make you look fab.

Clean out your closet

One of the most important thing to do is clear up your closet. This helps you see your closet and realise the clothes which you might not have worn. This can also give you the room which can make it easier for you to realize what you need and don’t.

Wear something that scares you

If you have a dress and have never worn it. There is a reason you brought it. Try to understand that  you are scared to look different. It is not if it will look good on you, but about will you be able to fit in. Try to take the leap of faith and feel fabulous without any fear.

Get rid of the old

We all have a dress or a shirt which we are very comfortable with and wear time and time again. It is better that we be in-tune with our current style. Understand that if you have the dress or the Shirt with you, you are bound to gravitate towards the style. If you get rid of them, you will be able to explore more.

Get a new accessory

By a new accessory, we do not mean bags or shoes. Try to widen your horizon when it comes to getting the right shoes. Try to go for something different that the things that you actually have. Buy yourself a cool pair of sunglasses which can set you part from the crowd.

Buy a crazy pair of shoes

Shopping is never complete without shoes in the cart. Shoes always fit, but we are afraid to go one step further and buy those pair. If you are into those high heels, feathered, beautiful pair of shoes, just go for it and you will thank us later. This is one way to set your style apart from other and also look bold and beautiful.

Find a signature lipstick shade

If you want that people remember you try to look different from others. You might opt for something more classic like a bright red. But trying a different shade altogether will make you look edgy in so many different ways. Try to go for unusual colours like plum, bright orange or even black. Try to push yourself and dress with creative outfits. You can also throw up some of the bold colours even with the normal shirt and pant. You can instantly gain an edgy look.



A person should understand the importance of personal style. There is a lot of importance when it comes to body language and conversation starters. Clothing plays a huge part especially when it comes to first impression. It holds you as a personal brand, it shows confidence, it allows you to have an overall presence. Even a small mistake like a deodorant Skidmarks can lower your confidence. Do not worry we have the right solutions for all your clothing needs.

Deodorant Skidmarks

Deodorant stains are not uncommon to see as there is nothing more bad than putting on a nice shirt and seeing white deodorant lines. It is the most common type of embarrassment more people have to deal with. There are many ways you can remove it from wet towels to tissues but there are still some consequences to it like wet spots. One way to effectively remove it is by using a dry sponge. A dry sponge can easily remove the stains and also help ensure that there is no residue left behind.

Shoe polish

Are you out of shoe polish and do not want to go out with dull looking shoes? We have the right solution for you. This might seem weird to some but rubbing your shoes from the inside of the banana peel can help you bring back the shine. All you have to do is rub the banana peel over the shoes and clean it away with the help of a cloth and you will have shoes which are good as new.

Anti Wrinkle

Ironing can be pain, especially when you are in a pinch. If you want to not iron but also want to remove the stain, your straightener can act as the right ironing tool. If you have any wrinkles on the front of your shirt all you have to do is get your straightened and you will have a wrinkle free shirt in no time.

Fat feet

Want to make sure that your feet fit in a smaller pair of shoe. You can easily help widen them by putting a Ziploc bag in the shoe and shoe in the fridge over night. This allows you to expand your shoes without damaging the shoe itself. It also helps keep the smell of the shoes away.

Runs are bad

Running in general is not bad but running with tights on is a bad idea. If you have ever worn a tight you must know the pain of the tights riding up through out the day. All you have to do is have a clear nail polish. All you have to do is dab a little bit of the clear nail polish on the edge of the tights to stop it from riding up.



Buy now and pay later services are gaining a lot buy now and pay later services. This allows you to delay your payments by allowing you to pay in installments over a period of time. The buy now and pay later services are designed in a way which allows the customer to buy the product immediately and delay the payment. This allows the customer to pay off the amount in the form of installments. this works of products with higher price value over a period of time. Nowadays, these kind of services is also provided for low value purchases like clothes and beauty products.

How does the payments services work

Buy now and pay later services are offered especially in online shops as another payment during the time of checkout. You can easily apply and set a purchase plan according to your app provider or the retailer when you are shopping. You might actually need to provide back details like credit card facilities to avail the offer. This is directly deducted as the days go by. You might be required to pay a deposit and also pay up the first installment up front to make the necessary deal.

Refunds and returns

if you have any problem with the product you just brought you can easily apply them to returns which can sometimes be a bit difficult or you might have to lose some amount in the process.

Is buy now and pay later services worth it?

These buy now and pay later services are advertised to be interest free and this can be very appealing to the customers. But one needs to be sure that the cost is going to add up if the payments are not made on time.

Smart tip

It is always a good idea to learn all the terms and conditions before you sign up, this allows you to be confident about your selection. Look for things like late fees cost which can be the fees that is being added up if you fail to pay the payments on time. There are also some service charges which is fixed for every month that you might have to pay for the service charge. You might also have to pay for the fee as a processing fee to help to set your repayments.

Check you credit history

Many buy now pay later providers do not check for the customers ability to pay based on your credit history. This means that you can end up taking more credits than you can actually afford. This can put you under trouble for not making your payments on time. This can also affect your credit score in the future.



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