It is easy to fall into the trap of wearing the same things again and again. You do not want your style to become stagnant. There are many ways you can easily amp up your wardrobe which can make you look fab.

Clean out your closet

One of the most important thing to do is clear up your closet. This helps you see your closet and realise the clothes which you might not have worn. This can also give you the room which can make it easier for you to realize what you need and don’t.

Wear something that scares you

If you have a dress and have never worn it. There is a reason you brought it. Try to understand that  you are scared to look different. It is not if it will look good on you, but about will you be able to fit in. Try to take the leap of faith and feel fabulous without any fear.

Get rid of the old

We all have a dress or a shirt which we are very comfortable with and wear time and time again. It is better that we be in-tune with our current style. Understand that if you have the dress or the Shirt with you, you are bound to gravitate towards the style. If you get rid of them, you will be able to explore more.

Get a new accessory

By a new accessory, we do not mean bags or shoes. Try to widen your horizon when it comes to getting the right shoes. Try to go for something different that the things that you actually have. Buy yourself a cool pair of sunglasses which can set you part from the crowd.

Buy a crazy pair of shoes

Shopping is never complete without shoes in the cart. Shoes always fit, but we are afraid to go one step further and buy those pair. If you are into those high heels, feathered, beautiful pair of shoes, just go for it and you will thank us later. This is one way to set your style apart from other and also look bold and beautiful.

Find a signature lipstick shade

If you want that people remember you try to look different from others. You might opt for something more classic like a bright red. But trying a different shade altogether will make you look edgy in so many different ways. Try to go for unusual colours like plum, bright orange or even black. Try to push yourself and dress with creative outfits. You can also throw up some of the bold colours even with the normal shirt and pant. You can instantly gain an edgy look.


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